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National Deer Association Welcomes Spring Interns

The National Deer Association (NDA) is proud to welcome three interns to the team this spring season. Cory Gurman, Jason Hoff and Logan Taylor will work side by side with NDA staff across a variety of areas to support the organization’s efforts during the first half of 2024. All three individuals bring their own impressive skillset and unique background to the team.

Corey Gurman will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources in 2025 from The University of the South–where he is a member of the Academic Honor Society. Gurman’s professional experience includes working as a deer research technician for the University of Tennessee. Additionally, Gurman has spent time as a Domain management assistant for the Sewanee area —furthering his wildlife experience. His previous leadership roles include being president of the Sewanee Shooting Sports for two years and counting. Gurman will be aiding the marketing department at NDA during his internship.

Jason Hoff comes to NDA with a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and years of professional experience as a data analyst and data manager. During his time as an analyst, Hoff honed his skills in data visualization, reporting, process improvement and cross functional leadership. All of which contributed to Hoff’s achievements in resource allocation and process improvement initiatives in his previous roles. Now, Hoff is looking forward to applying this experience as he works with the Deer Outreach program at NDA.

Logan Taylor will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology–Wildlife Fisheries Management in December 2024 from Lincoln Memorial University. Taylor’s previous leadership roles include being president of the Wildlife Society at Lincoln Memorial University. Additionally, Taylor has wildlife based professional experience including conducting research at the IMU Cumberland Mountain Research Center where he set camera traps and identified various species. Taylor is also certified in Wildlife Acoustics which he put to use during his time conducting research. Taylor will be aiding NDA in various components including their Conservation department and regional directors.

“Our new slate of interns brings a diverse mix of skills and experience,” said NDA Chief Conservation Officer Kip Adams. “I really look forward to working with them over the next six months.”

Gurman, Hoff and Taylor will serve as NDA interns through June 31, 2024. Future internship opportunities with NDA will be posted on the Employment Page, and are offered in six-month rotations.

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About the National Deer Association

The National Deer Association is the leading non-profit deer conservation group and works to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting. Formed by combining the strengths of two long-serving, successful organizations, the National Deer Association has a combined 40 years of action that has changed deer management for the betterment of hunting and protected North America’s most vital and admired game species for future generations. Visit or follow @deerassociation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok.

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