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Private Land Etiquette

When hunting on private land it is essential to take care of the landowner’s property and abide by their rules. This not only increases the chances that they will invite you back but it can also help build a relationship with that landowner. We will cover some tips on how to be a respectful guest on a landowner’s property. 

One of the first things you should always consider is letting the landowner know when you will be hunting on their property well in advance. Even if the landowner has told you that you are free to come out whenever you like, it is a good idea to give him a heads up or reminder on when you play to be out there. 

If you want to bring someone with you on your hunt be sure to call ahead and ask if it is okay to bring other people. Some landowners will not want others out on his property. This can save you from a lot of trouble if you assumed it was okay and the landowner later found out you were bringing others with you. Even if the landowner originally said that you could bring friends, it never hurts to let him know who you are bringing and how many are with you. This will build the trust between you and the landowner. 

Another very important tip is to always leave the property cleaner than you arrived. Pick up all trash and debris you find out on your hunt even if the trash isn’t yours. After your done hunting, it is a good idea to show the landowner the trash you’ve picked up while you were out there. If the landowner sees that you are helping his land by being out there he will be more encouraged to invite you back. 

Get creative with ways you can help landowners and thank them for allowing you to hunt on their property. Remember, they are doing you a favor so make it up to them!

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