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Spring Gear for 2024

The first few weeks of the year provide me a certain quiet time to focus and listen to the inner voices in my head. What went correctly, what went wrong and what could be improved both personally, professionally and with my gear. 2023 was a pretty amazing year overall. Of course, there is always room for improvement in the gear that I utilize and have as a part of my daily kit(collection) as well as what I choose for specific types of hunts. Here are some items that I found that will be with me throughout 2024.

MyMedic SideKick Pro

It’s no question that my current MyMedic kit came in extremely handy this year. I took an ax to the knee, fixed several cuts throughout the year and I had one of these in my pack on every single expedition outdoors all year long. I recommend the Sidekick Pro in your pack while hunting or hiking and the MyFAK Pro in your vehicle at all times. I do not have one in my home because the vehicle is in my driveway and I know exactly where my medical kit is at all times. This gear is high quality and we liked them so much we asked for a PROMO CODE for all of our readers to get 15% off: HuntingLife15

PROTEKT Hydration

When you are working, hiking or hunting or if you are starting that dreaded New Years exercise regiment having proper hydration is key to keeping your energy moving forward. This fall we have been testing the liquid hydration and energy packets from Protekt. They help me to get water into my body quickly offering a little bit of flavor and an electrolyte blend that helps me to keep moving forward without cramping up and getting dehydrated. Protekt has several blends and you can mix and match. We have been pretty focused on lemonade hydration and the grape energy packets.

Hydro Flask 32 oz All Around Travel Tumbler

Everything about the Hydro Flask All Around Travel Tumbler is just exceptional. It fits in my cup holder of the car. This entire Press-in Straw Lid works extremely well and the flexible straw is easy on the mouth and safe. The cups handle is ergonomic and honestly it just feels better in your hand. I have had this cup with me non-stop for over 5 months and the color on it has only a small scratch from when I dropped it off the roof of the car(My Bad). It is easy to wash and ice stays fresher longer. If your goal is hydration get either the 32 oz Travel Tumbler or the larger 40 oz model both are priced under $40.00 and you can find these just about anywhere.

CRKT Techliner Pen

Speaking of something that has not left my side in the last year it is without question the CRKT Techliner Pen. This pen is small, well built and magnetic cap means it stays together no matter where you take it. The magnetic end sticks to a clipboard or workbench and mine sticks to my keys in my pocket when means I know it is with me. The ink cartridge on this works in extreme conditions and with a year of writing, I have yet to need to replace it. This is a solid tool that stands up well to the test of time all at a price point that will not cause a leak in your pocket or wallet.

Benchmade Osborne Knife

The Benchmade Osborne is the go to knife in my kit that is in my pocket when I want something a little heavier and more solid in my hands. This knife offers a statin finish with a green anodized handle and a premium look with a strong CPM-530V stainless steel blade. This knife is made in the USA and includes the LifeSharp Services which I take advantage of with every single knife I own from Benchmade. Buy this knife once and own it for your entire lifetime. It looks good in the field and honestly will look good with a suit should you need it. Solid, Strong and you only need to buy it once.

Wiley X Kingpin Sunglasses

Sunglasses for almost every occasion need to be purpose driven. Specific sunglasses work best for me on the water, specific ones work best for driving, specific ones are best for sunny days and specific ones are best for cloudy days. I have a pretty good collection of sunglasses but when it comes to shooting I generally go back to Wiley X because I know that the glasses they have are ANSI Z87.1 which offers High Velocity Impact Protection. These are high quality shooting glasses that double as sunglasses and offer the kind of protection you need when shooting alone, at the range or in the blind. The Kingpin sunglasses work well for driving but they really shine on the range along with the entire line from Wiley X

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Active Hoodie

There is a certain time of year when I want to go with garments and gear that is Ultra Light. This thing weighs 7 ounces as a complete garment and comes with an inner pocket that allows you to ball it up and pack it with you year round. It is quickly becoming my go to packet jacket and it is comfortable enough to wear on trips, in the outdoors where it really shines and even in the office for those cool days when you just cannot get warm. The Ventus hoodie is lightweight and blocks the wind while offering you the insulation you need. No matter how active you are this is a garment that offers protection and you hardly know it is there. It offers active breathability and insulation right where you need it. These run on the small side so absolutely size up compared to your normal size.

Zamberlan 215 Salathe GTX RR Hiking Shoes

Often throughout the year, I am just not interested in lugging around heavy hiking boots. Especially, when I am traveling on trips and flying to various locations. I still want secure shoes so I can get hikes in while going to various locations. These offer the grip of an approach shoe, the support you would want from a hiking shoes and they are easy to get on and off all in a lightweight footprint. The stretch over-foot wraps on these hug your foot without the need of a tongue. We have had these on everything from early season hunts, trips and everything in between over the last six months. These come in a variety of colors and can handle just about any weather you throw at them. Zamberlan offers resoling on these so you an expect that these will last many years. Italian made with the quality you would expect from a veritable legend in the mountain boot industry.

COAST Slayer Flashlight

This is the second or third flashlight that we have tested that is not a round tube flashlight and we are absolutely here for it. Flashlights should never be round and they should never roll around when you need them the most. Coast has knocked it out of the park with the Slayer at 1150 lumens. This flashlight is USB-C rechargeable and the battery can last up to 11 hours on the lightest setting. We like the five modes of medium flood, high flood, spot, low flood and turbo with one button click. As well the Slayer has a Beamsaver Memory mode that you can set to your favorite setting and it is always ready for you. The Slayer is IP67 dust resistant and waterproof and comes with the COAST lifetime warranty. This tool slips in and out of your pocket easily and it has a removeable clip to keep it where you want it in your pack. We like that even on turbo mode this light does not get too hot and it is ready for all night use.

Survival Bucket Cover

We got one of these as a sample and it took a few weeks to get it installed. We finally found a fresh clean bucket to slip it over. The survival bucket cover works well as a range bucket, bug out bucket or camping bucket for overlanding. I have used this for hitting the shooting range and for working around the house with my tools and such to get projects completed. The pockets on the inside and outside help to keep everything organized and to hold everything from your magazines, multi-tools, knives and all of the gear you need.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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