Oakley RADAR LOCKPerhaps your prescription eyewear isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when preparing for the hunt, but knowing these few facts may help you better prepare for your next outing.  The fact is that most people go out into their adventure with their standard prescription glasses or perhaps a pair of sunglasses as well, but taking these extra steps will certainly bring more success to your overall mission.


1)    Frames – When considering frames for hunting, keep in mind that a semi-rimless frame will be ideal, so that peripheral vision is maximized. Durability is also a factor. Make sure that any frame you select is durable enough to withstand weather and terrain. Some good options for frames that are specifically designed for outdoor use include: Oakley Radar, Radarlock, M Frame and Fast Jacket; as well as Bolle Kicker, Parole and Vigilante. These designs were built to withstand the elements and rugged movements inherent in hunting.

Oakley Radar Path2)    Lenses –Lenses are probably the most important part of selecting glasses for hunting. Given the different lighting scenarios possible, some prefer to bring a few options on a trip to switch out easily with weather and lighting changes. Ideally, lenses should be orange, yellow or rose, which helps vision in outdoor settings where there is low light. If needed, progressive lenses are a great idea for outdoor use as they allow you to see all aspects of your weapon’s sights as well as optimal vision of the target. One warning: polarized lenses are not recommended for shooting, because it can affect depth perception. Lastly, the best option is for digital lenses. A remarkable advancement in optometry, digital lenses are optimized with computer-controlled surfacing equipment that is much more precise than conventional tools. This allows the wearer to get vision that is even better than 20/20 vision without glasses.

3)    Purchasing – I don’t know about you, but my optometrist doesn’t have a “Hunting” section in their retail section. Most glasses offered at a doctor’s office are very limited to what is in stock, or what particular vendors may have for the season, which is still tailored at your everyday lifestyle, not the rugged terrain of a hunt. For this reason, it is worth your effort to seek out an online store that provides not only the convenience of ordering from home, but a customized experience. SaltCityOptics.com not only caters specifically to customers who are outdoor minded, but actually have experienced staff who understand hunting and the intricacies that go along with the sport.


Oakley Fast JacketAs technology continues to evolve and a hunter’s tools get more sophisticated, it makes sense that you would want your eyes to be just as prepared as your weapons, clothing and safety. The concept is pretty easy: your eyes are the most important element of a successful hunt; your prescription eyewear and the benefits of customized glasses for your sport should be included in that checklist before you head out this season. Remember: without great vision, accurate shooting is impossible; and without accurate shooting, your efforts could be fruitless.